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Quick Question Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:54 pm  

User avatarRiihilahti wrote:
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Despite been a Cas fan i've always had a thing for the Panthers (going back to the Chorley days) and have recently been trying to track down this years shirt (home or away). Any help or guidance to getting one and a rough price would be much appreciated.


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Re: Quick Question Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:15 pm  

kevbanham wrote:
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Nice to see your support for the panthers. Not many of us knocking about-lol. I took over doing the club shop/stall a few weeks ago and we have sold out of all the current home shirts for this season. We have 1 shirt left from the previous season and 1 shirt from the 9`s that we won last season. If you are interested let me know and i will confirm what sizes they are as they are down at the club and i wont be down till sunday now. If you want one of them they retail at £45 but will do you a very good deal. I also think we only have one training shirt left also. We have scarves,metal badges,cotton patches,ties,Car flags , Handwaving flags, car stickers......(some items are on ebay if you have it) left if your interested in anything. cheers kev
p.s take a look at the DVD post on this site.

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