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Posted by wiganrugbyblog on Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:07 pm
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Hi Guys,

We run Wigan Fan TV http://www.wiganfantv.com, we were supposed to be doing tomorrow night preview in Sydney however last minute family illness has meant that we are now still in the UK.

Its really short notice, but if there is an FC fan that would like to come on Wigan Fan TV and preview Saturday's game tomorrow evening, we would love to have you on.

Its all done via webcam, you just need a decent WiFi connection, a laptop with chrome as the browser and a set of headphones.

If anyone wishes to join in at 7:30pm tomorrow (live!) hit us up on Twitter - at http://www.twitter.com/wiganrugbyfantv

Best of luck for Saturday - But not too much luck!
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