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Re: top 4 likely to be on points difference Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:23 am  

User avatarNorman Bates wrote:
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Living The Dream wrote:
So many twists and turns to come.Makes you wonder if the point we dropped at home v Dewsbury will actually be a point gained at the end of the season as we haven't a hope if it came down to points difference against the other sides. All will be revealed. :PRAY:

Just revisiting the predictions thread, just think that point would have given us second with an e tra home game, but would the away games have made fourth the better option? Anyway all done now, onwards and upwards.
Re: Top Four Prediction Thread Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:59 pm  

muttley cat wrote:
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If this thread proves anything it is that old cliche " take one game at a time "
You can not plan 5 games ahead , nor can you plan or try relying on other teams to make your aspersions bare fruit.

Who would have seriously planned on a semi final vs Saints ?

Im sure deep inside the team secretly would swap this weekend to be sat in the top 3 atm in time. But that not being the case fax should enjoy this high point and make it memorable for all no matter the score.

The greatest compliment of all is Saints putting out a very strong side.
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