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faxcar wrote:
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Waddy-Fax wrote:
Whilst I admire the club for offering and it can't be nice what Adams gone through I don't get this love in with the player. It's not like we need forwards at the moment and he didn't really do anything last season when he played. Some fans need to move on, no wonder the club can't when some fans are stuck in the past. Can't say he set the world alight for us to justify this massive #bringhimhome malarky.

How about we sign a centre, they just let 2 go, or Craven, not a player cos he used to play for us and he's a good lad, base it on rugby and the team as a whole not a jobs for the boys basis.

Your contradicting yourself in some of the above Waddy. :?

Agree on Danny Craven and he must be one of the loyalist players around, he's stayed with Widnes for years, many of which under DB when he was regularly left out of the squad or moved out to clubs such as Fax and Fev also whilst turning down bigger offers to leave.
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bentleyman wrote:
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Best wishes to Tango but to re-sign him retrograde step
Re: Widnes Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:18 pm  

User avatarHudd-Shay wrote:
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bentleyman wrote:
Best wishes to Tango but to re-sign him retrograde step

Hear All, See All, Say Nowt.
Eat All, Sup All, Pay Nowt.
And if Tha ever does Owt for Nowt,
Allus do it for Thissen.
Re: Widnes Sun Mar 03, 2019 7:47 am  
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DNAFax wrote:

I did also state that what I was about to say was also insensitive.

But hey, if that's what tickles you........you enjoy yourself
oh i did :lol:
She carries on through it all......
She's a Waterfall

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