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How would Tony Smith be more of the same, especially if it was just to the end of the season?

I've no idea which of those coaches I've mentioned would be a good fit. Moving forward a Maguire-style appointment for the longer term would be ideal, but like I say, the real issue is this year, and I hope we've got a better plan for the remainder of the season than just asking our assistants to take over.

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I can see Smith for the rest of this season and two more. A large part of his role would be to help Burrow develop as a coach so he would be ready to take over. Smith then either moves upstairs or moves on when his contract is up.
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Exiled Wigan in peace.

Living in West Yorkshire for over 10 years has seen me adopt Leeds as a kind of 2nd Team.

Got to admit, was a little surprised to see this news, but do agree that change was needed. Brian Mc is a fantastic coach and I would jump at the chance for him to be the next Wigan Boss. The way he handles himself and the respect and integrity he operates with are perhaps the best tonic to counter Wanes approach at Wigan.

All good things must come to an end, 8 years is a fantastic run but often a fresh voice and new ideas are needed.

I'm sure Brian won't be out of work for long, and wish him every success in his next job.

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The Chin's Back wrote:

If Brian Mac was an unpopular choice as coach due to his Bradford Bulls past,Then Shaun Wane would take that dislike of the coach from the majority of fans to a whole new level.

If Wane gets the job then i've got my new topic header made up already
For the live of God,Allah or whoever-Wane GO!!!

Brian Mac was also so successful at London, not.

He suddenly became the best ever coach at Leeds. In actual fact he coasted for many years on the back of a very successful squad built by Tony Smith. The last 3 years has seen the majority of this excellent squad leave or retire and their replacements have not been as good enough until at last this year, he has been found out. Just ask yourselves how many world class players left recently. Why is this Brian Macs fault? Poor recruitment.

FWIW Any time a club spends big off the field improving the stadia, they tend to do rubbish on the field. Happens in the boring round ball game as well.
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Is Michael Maguire realistic given he's just took over tye kiwis? He'd be right up there with powell for me if there was any chance.

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Isn't Hasler the fave for the Penrith gig?
I wish everyone would read bramleyrhino's post two or three times just to get it through some thick skulls

Mr bramleyrhino speaks a lot of sense.

Jamie Jones-Buchanan wrote:
"I'd never forgive myself if a child of mine was born in Lancashire.

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I can't believe that anyone ever questioned GH''s ruthlessness. I'm surprised he wasn't given until the end of the season, and it seems after 8 trophy filled seasons all the bridges that have been built have been well and truly nuked.
I do think a new coach was needed, however the next appointment is going to be one of GH's biggest decisions.
King Monkey wrote:
Maybe a spell in prison would do Graham good.

At least he'd lose his virginity.

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His place in this Clubs History is cemented & his Trophy wins are 2bd to none thanks Brian.
I really am rhinoms and haven't stolen his Avatar!

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Charlie Sheen wrote:
I can't believe that anyone ever questioned GH''s ruthlessness.

I have a feeling it was a case of sort it or you go here. Seems there is a bit more to this behind the scenes.
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We owe BM a huge debt of gratitude. Can’t see the point of doing this at this point in the season. He deserved a much more dignified exit.

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