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york v skolars Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:48 pm  

cents3 wrote:
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what a painful game to watch....i ask myself why did i travel all the way to york to watch the skolars match....when the players didnt bother to turn up mentally, we should have all stayed at home and given york the points because they certainly didnt earn them! :( :( :(
it was a lack luster performance by both sides. :oops:
after watching the oldham game i thought that things had maybe turned around for the guys, but they way they played yesterday proved that it was just a one off, in front of the cameras performance. They seemed tired and sloppy. Missed tackles and even worse ball passing........not once but a number of times the ball was intercepted near to the try line and york after running the length of the pitch scored. i really dont think that many of the points scored by york were good well earned tries. forward passes that were missed leading to tries, but skolars should have been up there in their faces competing for the ball. showing york that they wanted it. but with players failing to back up their team mates, when the ball had been won and support was needed, failure to complete sets what can you expect :oops: . i hope that they watch this weeks game and compare it with the oldham game..maybe they can see what went wrong and try and put it right. swinton next..........

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