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Save some of November the seventh for this. Tue Nov 02, 2021 8:09 pm  

glee wrote:
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I am a former St Helens born and bred author of six novels that are all written against a strong rugby league background starting during the 1962/63 winter. This coming Sunday I will be in the Victoria Hall in Grange Over Sands where I now live, from 10 onwards at an Arts and Crafts Fair selling copies of One Winter, One Autumn, Two Seasons and Three Good Years. and hope to meet other local rugby league fans, writers and historians there.
For anyone who can't make it, but who this interests, I have also written three pages of general advice on how any rugby league fan can write a novel based on his or her own life. If you want me to send you these sheets just E Mail me at wgeofflee@gmail.com and ask for Geoff Lee's RL Notes. and I'll send them to you. They also highlight the fact, certainly for older people, how doing this can really help keep you mentally healthy.
Among other rugby league writers and journalists who have enjoyed my material are Tony Collins, Ray French, Dave Hadfield, Tony Hannan, Phil Howard, Chris Irvine, Mike Stephenson and Graham Williams along with Stan Barstow who also was once a draughtsman like me and wrote A Kind Of Loving which later became a great northern film..
[b]Visit //www.geofflee.net for details of my novels 'One Winter', 'One Spring', 'One Summer' 'One Autumn' 'Two Seasons'. and "Three Good Years" All six feature Rugby League against a humourous Lancashire/Yorkshire background and are inspired by the old saying about work: "They could write a book about this place. It would be a best seller."[/b]

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