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off topic,just curious to know Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:30 am  

User avatarcowboys wrote:
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Just had a great Bank holiday weekend in Blackpool but im just curious to know what drives the Blackpool economy apart from the obvious one(holiday makers).
Came off the M55 and drove down the 583 onto the 587 heading for Gynn Square and there's no signs of industry,firms or industrial estates just one food factory on the 587.Where do you locals work especially when the holiday season finished.
All the very best to Blackpool in the play offs
Re: off topic,just curious to know Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:04 pm  

kevbanham wrote:
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winter its a ghost town. They are investing a lot of money in blackpool recently as you may have seen with works on the prom, shopping centres, pedestrain walk ways etc etc. Blackpool is really a holiday town and as the rugby team are finding its hard to attract support as most of blackpool is full of holiday makers or people that work in the industry. The footy team have found it hard over the last 20 years to attract supporters too with a low core number of supporters untill the recent elevation into the premiership. I dont live in blackpool but plenty of industry in the surrounding areas, poulton,fleetwood, kirkham and such like. Thanks for your support. Up the panthers
Re: off topic,just curious to know Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:28 pm  

markill wrote:
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There are industrial and business estates. One at the end of the motorway, one near the airport. Also big employers in area such as dwp building and obviously the supermarkets and retail outlets just as everywhere else. Still some fishing and stuff in fleetwood. Couple of large insurance firms have offices in lytham. BAE has a large impact in the area with the warton base. Bnfl nearby too. A few other companies have largish offices in the area. But yeah, there is a seasonal effect. Luckily blackpool has the lights which extends the season through the Autumn. Plus plenty of retired folk and people who commute to the relatively near cities or whatever. Also I guess plenty of work for social workers given blackpool's teen pregnancy rate.

The wider fylde area is no different to anywhere else in the country I don't believe.
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Re: off topic,just curious to know Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:16 am  

the_cow wrote:
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Not just the teenage mothers to worry about Mark, what about the highest number of alcohol dependants in the uk and the highest number of homeless (although that statistic is may well be out of date now). :wink:

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