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Re: Manager of the year - MC Wed Sep 08, 2010 1:49 pm  

markill wrote:
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Simples1234 wrote:
I agree stanky for award! I don't believe mc has the right attitude, he doesn't talk he shouts at his players, and anyone would look good if they have paid back handers to their players, it's nothing to do with being loyal (which he mentioned in the rugby leaguer) it was that it was to close to the end of the season, for the players to leave the club, !! but in the times I have watched, mc doesn't carry the right attitude, also I think the team has a brillant attitude with the recent salary cap news ..... I feel hobson shouldn't be a capital he loses his head to easily and is a liability, corrected if I'm wrong but I got told he got sin binned twice in the worky game?

You clearly have an axe to grind with MC here. Whatever your opinions on his coaching style (which are personal to you but appear unsubstantiated), awards like this aren't for style, they are for performance and results, with the added consideration of those around you and relative to expectations I would assume. When MC got the award for the 08 season it was thoroughly deserved, and had dewsbury not been 100% last year (perfection deserves rewarding) then he would undoubtedly been favourite for it last year.

Just to further clear some things up for you though...the loyalty was shown by them sticking at the club despite not receiving wages on time and having to agree pay cuts in some cases. This was mid season when it was going on, plenty of time to find other clubs.

Hobson was binned twice yes. Once for appealing for a knock on which is ridiculous and the other for taking out a chaser which looked bad and probably was a yellow but wasnt dangerous or aggressive and you see it every game go unpunished. Anyone else on the pitch wouldve stayed on I bet. As for being captain, I'm sure some panthers followers have reservations too, detailed in the worky game thread I think.
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