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Posted by Double Movement on Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:33 pm
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weighman wrote:
Is there a fans panel meeting tonight ?

Yes, there was Paul. We only received notice of it at the end of last week but no agenda was published.

Mark Hughesman discussed the new launch of Dons4Life. Martin Rowlands was discussing the work he's doing in schools and mentioned the efforts they're putting in to improve the game-day experience.

Carl confirmed the two home games that may be affected by pitch renovations are the Coventry and Workington games. He's working to try to get the games played on blank weekends at the Keepmoat as opposed to having to play away from the Keepmoat.

Supporters Liaison Officer Carol Green didn't have any questions from fans.

Gary or I will post the minutes on here when Louise sends them out. :)
Posted by weighman on Tue Feb 25, 2020 8:59 pm
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Thanks Mike .
Posted by Double Movement on Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:14 am
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Minutes from the meeting supplied by Louise Jankowski:

Fans Panel Meeting
Tuesday 25th February 2020

Attendees: Carl Hall, Gavin Baldwin, Mark Hughesman, Martin Rowlands, Ray Green, Carol Green, Chris Scorah, Phil Buxton, Gary Fox, Mike Lindley, Carol Lindley, Philip Scorah,
Scott Goddard

Apologies: Shaun Lockwood, Barry Brown, Jackie Green

1. Welcome – CH thanked everyone for attending the meeting and welcomed Chris Spriggs to his first meeting who is representing our Junior fans.

2. Minutes From Last Meeting – Everyone was happy with the previous minutes. CH requested could everyone share on their social media that if you refer a friend for a season ticket they will receive £15.00 back & that we have a 5 match package. If we could push this out as it’s the last week of season tickets

3. Marketing Update – Season Tickets

MH – For those that attended The Launch/Race night, we relaunched the Dons4Life. Following feedback from the meeting we had before Christmas it was made clear of Carl’s passion for The Academy, it was decided within that meeting we would look at funding the Academy this year through the Dons4life memberships, so we have relaunched it again. It’s pretty much the same as before you can put in as little or as much as you like. Last year it contributed to Watson Boas accommodation, so this year our focus is on funding areas of the Academy. But we promise that you will all get an update at the end of the season where we have spent the money, bi monthly newsletters a bi monthly draw with some shirts etc. Forms were handed round for anyone new to join. MH advised if people could spread the word, keep it on the radar.
ML – Mentioned that on the twitter feed that the commentary of the match wasn’t on the new website, it just directed you to Twitter. Could this be sorted? MH has reported back on 26th Feb that a Twitter feed is available on the official website. It is below the league table. Screen shot attached.

4. Fixtures

ML asked what two games would be played away from the Keepmoat? CH advised Coventry & Workington.
CH – Just so you know it’s always at the for front of my mind, as soon as we lost on Sunday I was on to Coventry to try and bring the home game to the 15th March. They thought about it and half way home they messaged to say it would be too much for them as it would mean them playing three games away. So we will monitor it. But everyone is playing catch up at the moment. Priority is playing the games here at The Keepmoat.
5. Questions from the Panel –

Wain Butchers – Jack Sanderson has been released by Hull are the Don’s interested in capturing his signature?
1. Jack is a player that does interest us, he came on the market very late we’ve spoken with his agent and Jack expressing our interest. Think Jack is taking sometime out to see what all his options are. As far as were aware he’s not signed anywhere yet. But we do like him.

Christopher Moss – Can you pay monthly for your season ticket?
2. MH advised that this season you could pay a deposit and pay the remainder preseason. Something we can definitely look at for next season, we want to help people and do the best we can.

Janet Margrave – What’s the situation with Brad England and Ryan Dixon injuries?
3. They are both not far, injuries are injuries, sometimes you can get setbacks in training so we never really like to commit on return to play, but both not far off to be fair, then we would only have Jordie out.

Jon Singer – Think Barry Brown should take the SLO position back lol.
4. We need to make this clear, Barry Brown was a fantastic SLO, and we enjoyed working with him, he was also a good communicator. Let Carol do what she is doing, we need to be respectful of her. Barry Brown couldn’t do it for personal reasons, which we have to respect, we did a presentation to him thanking him for his contribution. He resigned purely for personal reasons, if he didn’t do that he would have continued in his role, as stated he done a great job as our first SLO. CS suggested maybe have another SLO to help Carol out especially with the Social Media side. CH this is what the meeting is for, I’m all for it. CH agreed if it helps the club let’s do it, the group agreed that Chris Scorah would take up the role and help with social media/communication.

Keil McCloy – Is there anything been done re advertising, leaflets, banners, adverts on buses?
5. MR – I’m not a marketing guru, but I know that leaflets, posters, banners etc do not really work. We need to work with the community and the schools to engage people to come to the game and enjoy the whole experience. At our first home game the team will be lead out by Terri Harper, Women’s World Champion Boxer, kids flag bearing, children being mascots and coming out with the players, half time games on the pitch with local children, dancers at half time. Parky will be there all the time. We want to make it a whole day to enjoy that people will come back to.

We have been going into schools with players and Parky, giving out tickets as a reward for achievement at school. These children have really engaged with the players and especially Parky, they have been promised to be recognised on the pitch at half time for working hard at school. It’s all about enjoying the whole experience.

MH advised how much it actually costs to advertise in various places, Trax FM, Frenchgate, Asda screens and one bus route and it mounted up to a lot, that people wouldn’t really read or listen to. It’s all about the engagement with the fans, Schools, community clubs, bringing new rugby clubs to the game that are already interested in Rugby League. We are having our Junior Takeover day again in May, this really involves the kids and lets them see the other side to the stadium.

MR – We offer parents a discount when the children are mascots or have won a ticket for achievement which is another incentive to get people to come to the game.

6. Any other Business – Martin has set up Facebook & Linked in called Dons Rugby League World Cup Legacy, please share on your social media. He regularly updates and shows what work we are doing in schools, all photographs of the children are provided by the school after permission is given from parents. We don’t want the World Cup to come to us and then everyone forget about Rugby League we want to get more involved and loving the sport, before and after the World Cup.

CS asked if the parties were still happening and MH advised yes they are and through CDA, CH asked MH to push these parties and CS gave really good feedback as he thought it was great value and good for the sport.

MR advised that Rugby camps would be coming for the next holidays for the children, which was greatly received. Information will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

GF enquired if anything had come out of the Championship/League One meeting held on Thursday 20th Feb? CH advised they are waiting on broadcaster announcement, but there has been no information regarding the rumour of no League One next season.

The meeting went well with some good comments and feedback from the panel. A general discussion was had by the group regarding things to be brought to next meeting, players, other teams, our team.

The meeting was very positive, overall there is a good vibe around the club by everyone.

CH would like to thank Chris Spriggs for his contribution to the meeting, it was great to hear things from a younger person’s perspective and he has agreed to be a permanent member of the group going forward.

7. Next Meeting – Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 6.00pm in Alicks Bar

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