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Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 5:12 pm  
Massive credit to Doncaster, gave us a bit of trouble. Although their attempt to bring down Rodwell before Gale’s third made me chuckle.

Another good solid win. The handling errors hopefully will be ironed out in time, because if we give away the possession we did against say Sheffield it’s not going to be pretty.

Anyone know what happened to Pratt?
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 5:12 pm  
PopTart wrote:
Good win.
Attack not perfect but broke them plenty of times. Need to just tighten up on the errors but the wind can't have helped.
Defense was good. Doncaster were no mugs. I thought they played well. They'll beat plenty of other teams.
I thought it was a scrappy game, we never seem to have much flow to us today but we were never going to lose that game. Thought we didn't use max and our backs enough with good quality ball and hit the short runner too much. I didn't reckon much to donny, just mediocre and we made them look decent at times
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 5:45 pm  
Quite scrappy in places for me. Reasonable shift from forwards but still plenty of mistakes. That right edge attack is still stifled by Lino who I genuinely doubt will ever “settle in”, no matter how much time he is given. Fanboys please feel free to issue a strongly worded response. Max also needs to back himself more. He gets into some real good running situations and just seems like he holds himself back from going for gaps sometimes.

If we ever get out of second gear this year, we will score a hundred. With Toulouse losing at home and Fev a basket case, who is going to trouble us this year? Looking like no one other than Sheffield.
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 5:50 pm  
I think you'd call that a workmanlike performance with another couple of gears to hit if we needed them .

Looking forward to the better weather and conditions , 3 wins , maximum points and top of the league in levelling conditions .

We are only going to get better too .
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 6:27 pm  
I hope Oli Pratt is OK after getting injured. Got hurt in the act of setting up a break. I think he could be a special player.
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 6:39 pm  
6/10 performance for me and we still scored 42 points. Defence was excellent against a mediocre Doncaster side but our attack still looks very clunky...if we'd have put in a better attacking performance then we could have scored 60 today.
Pratt clearly damaged his shoulder as he went down and had his arm in a sling inside his coat at the end of the game, so I would imagine he might be missing next week ??. Can see Hood missing next week too as he looked to be in Disneyland when he went off and Atoni didn't look good either :( :(
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 9:08 pm  
I don't even think Doncaster were mediocre, I thought they were poor. The standard in the Championship is in severe decline.
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 9:15 pm  
Doncaster broke through our line a few times so weren't that bad.
They made a lot of errors just as we did.
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 9:23 pm  
Thought we were a 6 out of 10. Like others we never really got out of 2nd gear.

The right side is very clunky, passing behind the line in to touch with an overlap was poor. After that Lino seemed to come back inside rather than pass to the edge. The right edge certainly needs some drills or new ideas.

Defence was rock solid. Ball retention and discipline wasn’t great again. We kept handing over possession too easily.

Pratt, Bowden, Hood and hopefully Atoni are okay. Picked up a few today.

Powells interview said Smith in for Hood next week and maybe Griffin for Pratt. I’d bring Croft back in though to left centre and keep Griffin in the second row.

When we finally click we will blow a team to pieces.

Seem to be picking up a few injuries now with:

Hood (for next week)

Atoni (hope they’re both just knocks).

Could almost make a full 13 out of that. But we have good quality cover.
Re: Donny up next : Sun Apr 07, 2024 10:02 pm  
The MoM vote just reminded me.
How good was Gale today.

Best I've seen him play I think.


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