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Class of 2020 Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:48 am  

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A number of youngsters go their chance this season, all probably much earlier than any expected so I'd like to see what people thought.

DISCLAIMER: All debuted in games with no crowds, this really matters, it doesn't devalue but it is a vital missing ingredient. Many players are broken when the first come up against a real crowd and none of these players has ever really done so. So some reserved judgement required.

I'm not counting Croft because Croft had already played in the first team though this was his first real run. I will count Walker even though he played first team for Widnes I believe

So we have the following.

Conner Bailey: Did nothing wrong but didn't show many of the signs that gained him junior honours. Looks OK but perhaps more a L/F in the making than HB?

Yusuf Aydin: Physically not ready, not sure he's a prop looks more Second Row to me. All the same, he looked pretty fearless. always a good sign, I thought for a lightweight player he did well but I don't think it's his time just yet.

Brad Walker: Can't help but think he's our S/O in waiting. Really impressed. Has an advantage over the rest in having a bit more experience but looked a cool customer 9/10

Harry Bowes: The surprise package. Looked good, played beyond his years, but hookers always seem to make a big entrance so too early to say. All the same, looked promising. 8/10

Oliver Greensmith: Didn't get a run but I think the fact that Croft was performing and Senior was in fairness a good loan signing he didn't get a chance. So no comment really other than unlucky.

These are my marks others may differ but I don't think anyone can argue that there is some talent pushing through and due to COVID much earlier than expected, this has to be good news.

If I've missed any I apoligise.
Re: Class of 2020 Wed Dec 02, 2020 11:11 pm  

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Think that’s a pretty fair summation. I thought Gwaze did pretty well when he came on, think it was against Hull? Seems he may be on his way it says on the other thread though
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