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Free-scoring winger

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Without any money? Not sure it's wise for you to be having a pop at Leeds' finances currently.....or any other club's finances to be honest.
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warrior1872 wrote:
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Cheeky half-back

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Well maybe if you had read it before it was edited by the forum nazis you would have seen what it actually said you might have responded differently :CRAZY:

Father Ted wrote:
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Surely Ian Watson would have been a better appointment If ever a coach got his squad to over achieve Watson has.
Leeds have an average squad and they need a coach to get the best and more out of them.
After what happened at Hull when he was there Agar's appointment is bewildering.

100% Warrior wrote:
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Silver RLFANS Member

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Might just be me but I don’t understand the pessimism. Brian McDermott wasn’t a popular choice to take over at Leeds but look at what he achieved.

Sometimes the club suits the coach, irrespective of past successes, or in this case, failures. He has steadied the ship and improved them from where they were. Perhaps he can take them to the next level or back where they were.

Considering our recent coaching fiasco I wouldn’t go throwing stones in glass houses.
Re: No need to worry about Leeds for a while Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:13 pm  

Grimmy wrote:
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I make it won 7 lost 7 since he took over a struggling side, only really been hammered once in that time, which was shortly after he took over. It's not the standards they're accustomed to, but I'd say it's fair enough to give him a crack after a full pre season.
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Most idiotic post ever goes to Grimmy..... The way to restart should be an arm wrestle between a designated player from each side.

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