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Out of your league with Hardaker and Sarge Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:04 am  
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One of the most poignant podcasts I've ever seen.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuLDjT1 ... e=youtu.be

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For 27 - 0 you get a trophy
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Saints have five in a row

Phuzzy wrote:
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Watched it this morning. Excellent podcast. :CLAP:

User avatarNickyKiss wrote:
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It’s fantastic. It really gives you a perspective of how unimportant sport is in the grand scheme of things and how easy it is to forget these players are human like everyone else. I listened to the Hardaker parts with interest but it was Sarginson speaking about his brother and the clear turmoil he went through at the back end of last season that really hits home.

It was easy to forget his story on Grand Final night last year with the exits of Wane, Bateman and Tomkins being in focus. He’s not been everyone’s cup of tea as a player but the sacrifices he made to help his teammates at the end of last season were pretty incredible. I’ve nothing but admiration for him.

hengirl wrote:
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Excellent podcast both Sarge and Zak came cross really well, both clearly having huge personal problems but still finding time to bond over Harry Potter.

I think a fresh start, at wherever in super league Sarge lands will do him the world of good, sometimes you need to move on to move on in your personal life I wish him well that's for sure.

As for Zak well I hope he's found his home here at Wigan he comes across as a really nice lad just a bit of a numpty in his personal life, and lets be fair haven't well done dumb things in our lives?

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Rogues Gallery wrote:
One of the most poignant podcasts I've ever seen.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuLDjT1 ... e=youtu.be

Thanks for posting the link. I really enjoyed that.
Listening to Sarginson was compelling stuff and you would have a rock for a heart not to feel for the guy

warrior1872 wrote:
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I don't think i have ever seen a better and more compelling interview of two different characters you have sarges brother passing away before his time and Zak with all his problems which i thought he explained very well i just can't believe that neither leeds nor castleford could see that he had these issues

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