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London Crusaders v Workington 1994 Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:09 pm  

nadera78 wrote:
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One for the oldies!

RLCares facebook page is showing this game - the hour or so extended highlights that Sky showed. For those who don't remember Sky used to show a live game on Friday and a delayed coverage extended highlights game on Sunday evening. Always games from the old Stones Bitter First Division, until one week they showed this game on the Sunday. It was a top of the table (Second Division) game.

My dad and I watched the RL games religiously when Sky started in the early 90s and then one Sunday we turned it on to find that a London team was playing! I knew the team existed but thought they still played at Crystal Palace, which might as well have been on the moon for me at that age, so was shocked to see they played in Barnet and had a good team.

Started keeping an eye on the club from that point on, and saw my first game in the flesh the following autumn when the newly named London Broncos played Keighley at Hendon FC. The game was moved from Copthall at the last minute, for some reason, which perhaps should have given me a clue as to the club's future!

Anyway, check out the game on RLCares, it was a very good game of rugby league. Some cracking players in that London team.
Re: London Crusaders v Workington 1994 Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:17 pm  

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Key game for me too.

I'd always kept an eye on London's result as a RL-obsessed expat northerner since I'd moved south. Watched this on Sky in a horrible house in a more horrible part of Bracknell, and thought, there's a team down here worth supporting. Which I did. Learning a lot about London geography in the process. About six-months later, I realised I was 100% London and hated my home-town team with a passion!

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