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User avatarAXE2GRIND wrote:
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Strong-running second rower

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Apparently not permitted when it was QuinsRL/Wigan, but Dewsbury/Bradford is Hunky Dory?


.......Maybe if we'd agreed to play our games at the DW stadium it would have been:
entirely within the RFL guidelines

Is it just me, or have Bradford been at Deaths door now for close a decade and at every stage, the RFL or someone with influence at the RFL is involved in bailing them out? The money squandered on them at the hoe they used to call home could and should have been spent better elsewhere, be that marketing or player development

Bostwick wrote:
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if ever you travel to an away game in Cumbria and get into conversation with the home fans. The regular topic of conversation is. London have had all the funding that they should have had in that area.
They are correct in saying that they need funding up there. But so wrong in assuming that it is London who have been receiving " THEIR " money. I know some monies were received by London in the past, but nothing like what has been thrown into the bottomless pit that is Bradford.
The administration of the sport is a mess and it really needs to be sorted out. Fresh blood perhaps from outside of the game should come in. However I say that and then look at Rob Elstone and I have to say, he has not impressed so far.
Bradford cannot be allowed to go from one financial disaster to another. Someone needs to get a grip.

Deadcowboys1 wrote:
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Every time Rugby League reaches a crossroads, it gets lost. There is no vision, no money & no idea how to sell the game.

If Bradford & Dewsbury want to play on the same pitch with same co owner then they should be forced to merge & become Dewbulls.

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