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Re: Salford on Saturday : Sun Aug 14, 2022 8:01 am  
jools wrote:
Cudjoe was our best player today and was the only one that actually made anything from nothing - so to say he should only be cover is being rather disingenuous.
I wasn’t under the impression we were looking to sign on king- who has three years on a very lucrative contract at Warrington-so why would we?
For me We don’t need a running half- we have fages- we need a general- of the Brad drew type..

I am mainly referring to his age, you can't expect a guy his age to play week in week out, he will be 35 shortly after the season starts next year. Fages Should be the general, he runs the ball, but is certainly not a running threat, he very rarely breaks the line, and passes late near the line to create space. If you look at Salford Brodie Croft is exactly the type of player i'm talking about, or Brough when he still had his pace. Russell is only good enough to be a cover half, his organisation is good, his passing is good, but other than that he offers no threat at all. If we are serious about 'Being in contention for winning things every year' then we need to upgrade halves and backs in all these areas.
Re: Salford on Saturday : Sun Aug 14, 2022 8:08 am  
We still have wardle contracted next season. So unless he is allowed to leave his contract early and we are paid a fee for him we have wardle, naqaima, Leroy and golding as options there, with talk of Esan masters signing- that would make us very comfortable in that area I feel. Don’t forget we also have pryce next year so do we switch tui back to the halves and have pryce at FB. We have options. I can’t see us getting another half in. There’s not much available. It’s all gone quiet over cogger too……
Re: Salford on Saturday : Sun Aug 14, 2022 8:31 am  
I do think that the Naqama - in, Marsters - almost, scenario will bring the necessary class into those areas soon.
But yes, explosive speed down the flanks is a worry, for all the reasons outlined.
Less excited about Livett, who doesn't seem any improvement on Sam Wood to me. Perhaps he has a better understanding of the Watson "processes" mantra than Sam did?
Re: Salford on Saturday : Sun Aug 14, 2022 10:35 am  
Livett is known as a ball player, but we have just signed a better one in that lad from Aus, so yea struggling to see where he fits in other than cover. Cover is very important though because they usually end up playing as much as the first choice. Livett has looked really, really slow in the few times i've seen him though, i know he's crocked at the moment, but yea not excited about him at all.

In regards to Wardle, we all know how contracts work, once a player has decided he wants to leave that's pretty much it. I'm pretty sure he wont be playing for us next year but we would be mugs to swap him for King. Get a transfer fee from either Warrington or purportedly Wigan for him would be the best result. Otherwise he will no doubt hang around, barely play, and be cap sat out most of the time as he has burnt his bridges here.
Re: Salford on Saturday : Sun Aug 14, 2022 3:23 pm  
Thought Leroy played well again. Their speed was always going to test us out wide. I thinking not starting Levi is a mistake, he brings such speed around the ruck. We have been struggling with form for a few weeks and they are a good side. We really miss Jerry and Leutele, such great go forward. Been a great season so far. well done to the fans too. Great turn out.

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