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Pantomime Villains : Thu Feb 08, 2024 8:41 pm  
My next-door neighbours (Warrington Season Ticket Holders) accused Josh Charnley of constantly harassing the lineswoman during Saturday's friendly match. I did clock his constant gibbering but I thought no more about it. My brother and I often point out opposition players who try to referee a game, leading me on to the former Centurion - Ryan Brierley.

Ryan is constantly yapping at the referee and when he does not like the result performs childish stomping of his feet, and waving his arms in disbelief. For examples look up Salford v Leigh 2023 after Leutele's try is given, or alternatively his sending off in the 2nd Leigh v Salford game for holding down and interfering at the play the ball.

Just curious if anybody else has their favourite or least favourite Pantomime Villain.
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Re: Pantomine Villans : Thu Feb 08, 2024 9:27 pm  
Do you mean:

A) Villain - a baddie
B) Villein - a peasant?

Both fit. :D

Bongser seems to recall that "The Villans" is a nickname for a certain footie club from Brum.
Re: Pantomine Villains : Thu Feb 08, 2024 10:21 pm  
Bad grammarly for not spotting that.
Re: Pantomine Villains : Thu Feb 08, 2024 11:03 pm  
Charnley was just Joshing with her and asking if she wanted a brick wall building. It's a short career, even with all the free ice cream you can eat!

All losing fans gripe over neauwt!
Re: Pantomine Villains : Thu Feb 08, 2024 11:54 pm  
From our last season (hopefully ever) in the Championship I would like to nominate Sheffield, the Eagles rather than necessarily the city itself.

A number of particularly tetchy games against Sheffield stick in the mind, particularly the semi-final of the 1895 cup which, if I am correct, we were behind on the scoreboard for a worryingly long time into the second half before we managed to break the shackles and pull away and (obviously) win.

During those games I remember Eagles player/captain Joel Farrell being in the ears of the ref so much that I genuinely mistook him for being the ref. Close behind him was that annoying git, Anthony Thackeray, and behind him the rest of the team. 'Orchestrated complaining' didn't do the term justice. They were terrible. every decision against them was challenged. It got to the point where I that I thought that the Eagles were sponsored by Spec Savers - who were of course the ref's jersey sponsors at the time.

Close team second for me in the pantomime villain stakes - Hull KR in the Challenge Cup final - when 'King' John Asiata made his first tackle. I seem to remember that the orchestrated fracas that resulted from the perfectly legitimate tackle led to a penalty from which 'Dead Eye' (sometimes) Ben Reynolds subsequently slotted over the kick. The incident still has me in tears of laughter after all these months because of the ludicrousness of the clearly pre-planned reaction of the KR players - they deserved the result for that bit of poor sportsmanship alone.
Re: Pantomine Villains : Fri Feb 09, 2024 12:34 pm  
Would that be the same Sheffield that constantly featured a certain Keith Senior providing endless "water" for his squad.

On a separate note, I think it's something wingers do, along with engaging with the close crowds.

Ironically it was at Sheffield away when I noted Ferguson really does chunner to the linesman, and himself, it's probably a bit boring out wide at times
Re: Pantomine Villains : Fri Feb 09, 2024 12:35 pm  
Pantomime :)
Re: Pantomine Villains : Fri Feb 09, 2024 12:46 pm  
Oh no it isn't............Oh yes it is. :D
Re: Pantomine Villains : Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:22 pm  
not sure you got the moniker right for charnleys sort.pantomine villans come to mind like brian hogan geoff frletcher our own jeff clarkson syd hynes all from the era of dark arts
Re: Pantomime Villains : Fri Feb 09, 2024 4:53 pm  
OMG. Epic fail from AI. Epic fail Hesketh Fletcher. Epic fail me. At least I know that General Custard died at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

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