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Re: Roderick tai : Fri Nov 10, 2023 8:08 pm  
St Helens Wolf wrote:
I have virtually the same degree (I don't have the word 'applied' in mine), unfortunately it didn't make me a good rugby player. The last game that I played (15 a-side code) was for the Leeds University Physics Society - Undergraduates vs. Staff. Not necessarily the highest calibre game, but at least we did understand the 'momentum' rule (and it's got b*gger all to do with momentum since the player's mass doesn't enter into the equation).

Didn't Mark Hilton take a First in Mathematics from the OU? Still tried, and more often than not failed, to run through brick walls rather than going around them.

My first degree was only Electronics, so I bow to your greater knowledge, but doesnt the ball have mass and therefore possess momentum p = mv at the velocity of the ball carrier?

Stevo coined the phrase (it isn't in the RFL rulebook) it all relates to frame of reference anway.
Re: Roderick tai : Sun Nov 12, 2023 12:53 pm  
The Speculator wrote:
If nothing else, Rodrick will significantly raise the team's intelligence levels, given that he has got a bachelor's degree in applied physics with electronics and instrumentation, and is apparently working on a prototype of a dual axis solar tracking system that will follow the trajectory of the sun throughout a day, enabling solar panel efficiency to be increased by up to 40%. His LinkedIn profile lists one of his skills as 'root cause problem solving', so he may be just the man we need at Wire!

There will be staff at the club shop wondering why the phone has stopped ringing, with folk asking very random rugby related questions, as LinkedIn is now the new "have you tried" default option for Warrington Wolves RLFans posters.

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