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Really encouraging signing. In another thread the other day I was saying I liked the days when we were signing top talent who had emerged at other clubs and then signed for us young and played the bulk of their careers with us (Briers, Westwood, Harrison, Bridge, Grix, Atkins, Hill, Ratchford, Myler). This seems like a signing in that mould.
CW8 wrote:

Looking forward to seeing him in the pnb, early indications are that this.

Phew…pnb, thought you said pub for a second…
Not again I thought. I had visions of the London Bridge and card schools.
rubber duckie wrote:
Phew…pnb, thought you said pub for a second…
Not again I thought. I had visions of the London Bridge and card schools.

Typo, I did actually mean pub.
Fantastic Mr Catpiss wrote:
Why not get rid of willie isa to open up a spot in the backrow?
.did they really need to spend money on bringing bateman back from the nrl,cant have it both ways

Sounds like poor first team management to me.

No they couldn`t do that, they have to be loyal to their homegrown players that have been developed in their Academy.
They do have a point, we’ve been here before signing academy products on birth contracts. Morgan Smith being the most obvious.

We shouldn’t be that club, given the academy that we have, but we are.

That said, Peet has just dangled the carrot for Nicholson to get his head down and work hard.
NSW wrote:
Bringing up stuff from 30/40 years ago. :lol: :lol: :lol:

At least Wigan managed success then hence you’ve bottled up jealousy all these years later.

Which players have Warrington signed who’ve improved since signing for them ?

You could sign Nathan Cleary and I’m convinced he’d be bang average as soon as he pulls on the Wire shirt.

They go because they normally have the highest offer. Down tools and go through the motions (George Williams, Gareth Widdop etc)

And you wonder why you aren’t successful?

Think most Wire fans will agree with me.

I recall all the excitement and laughing at Wigan fans when you signed Williams. How’s that worked out?

Fitzpatrick seems to love “getting one over on Wigan” he’s comments when Gelling signed showed this.

Wigan will go about winning trophies with a home grown coach with a team packed with home grown talent.

Saints to their credit will do the same.

Nicholson should become a great player but he’s left an elite performance culture and entered a poor one.

Also agent Briers is having the time of his life.

Wigan fans gutted, Saints fans laughing at Wigan and saying fair play to wire, Peet throwing his toys out the pram and now this post.

What a wonderful day :LOVE:
Peet does seem to have let a bit of success go to his plasticine head.

Wigan have been quite successful this year on the back of some inspired performances by two Australian imports. They won the cup fair and square, albeit Huddersfield should have put the game to bed before Wigan got a sniff of a comeback.

They're doing well but if he is already trading in the 'humble lad from my hometown' persona for the more traditional 'we are Wigan, look how mighty we are' I can see his popularity outside of the town falling quite quickly.
I don’t have a problem with any gloating from Wigan fans on our low period up to 2009, and can’t argue with any criticism of our recent NRL recruitment. However, it’s a bit silly slating the academy which has actually produced a decent number of products for us since the TS era. Admittedly not in the numbers of Saints, Leeds or Wigan, but they were blessed with lots more local talent (remember RL clubs weren’t as abundant in our ‘split’ town) and they had seen more recent success which meant they were more popular clubs with better structures in place.

I think we can be pretty happy with how we’ve progressed since our resurrection as a big club. In the England squad at the end of last season we had four Warrington-born players, Not bad when you consider that 20 years ago we were almost relegated with crowds of 3000 seen as a normal thing.

As for Peet, that’s incredibly childish. He’s right about the strength of his academy, it’s just a shame his club keeps them out by signing so many players from external sources. Like any other RL club?
You have signed a cracking young player. Assuming he does kick on (and I’m sure he will) don’t expect him to be around for too long when the NRL comes calling.
Fantastic Mr Catpiss wrote:
And their best players this year, the home grown talent of jail field and bevan french

Hey, it’s my job to ask the questions so pack it in!

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