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karetaker wrote:
Over on the Wigan board they still believe Wardle to them for next season, could be right as this is only a loan deal atm.

Probably. I maybe read too much into Powell’s comments about Wardle fitting into the way we are rebuilding. He probably just meant he’s the type of player we’re aiming for.

The King to Hudds loan will be reviewed at the end of the season. They definitely need to replace Wardle if he’s off to Wigan, so let’s hope that King suits them and we can spend his cap allocation on something more suitable to us. Maybe Dufty to the halves and Mata’utia back to centre, or something along those lines.
Could just be a wake up call for him, I dont give a poop how much money you're on, and you're underperforming on and off the field (go back to the fans panel answers ) we can sort something.

Shape up or poop off
Haven't seen much of the Giants this seasons, but if their cc final tactics were anything to go by, Toby King will fit right in with the constant high kicks to the corner, when anywhere near the try line.
Fantastic Mr Catpiss wrote:
Shape up or poop off

This also would make a good motto when translated to Latin and placed under the club badge
Figura sursum vel puppi deturbat off

Yes. I Google-Translated it.

I think it would look a bit intellectual on a marble engraving hung above the tunnel?
Re: Toby King : Sat Jun 25, 2022 3:08 pm  
DallasMead2 wrote:
“ O'Brien, Livett, George King could all do a job in our current squad.”. Correct, at squad numbers 30,31 and 32. Absolutely bang average players.

Livett is a far, far better player than Holmes.
Re: Toby King : Sat Jun 25, 2022 3:25 pm  
just_browny wrote:
Livett is a far, far better player than Holmes.

I'm not massive fan of Holmes, but would Livett have put in 80 minutes and 47 tackles last night?
Powell's making some big decisions. It's obvious he's had issues with some players and I wonder if his man management might be the problem. Good players don't become bad players overnight.
Re: Toby King : Sat Jun 25, 2022 6:13 pm  
wirecation wrote:
I'm not massive fan of Holmes, but would Livett have put in 80 minutes and 47 tackles last night?

Probably not, but he'd have been bags more likely to have gotten us over the try line.
Strange one. This could come back and bite us. Realistically, Cooper as good as he is, is in a team that are already better than us (including before this apocalyptic episode). So he will strengthen Wigan, but won’t really overtake us a club.
Huddersfield are about where I think we should be, with the squad we have, and king is a good age with a lot of experience, including finals. He could do really well there.

If nothing else, it will be a good barometer of how good a coach Watson is, if he can get the best out of him.

Embarrassing that we’re picking up players in loan for 6 months as a stepping stone to their next club though. Desperation.


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