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caslad75 wrote:
We’ve had enough quality on the park the last few weeks, injuries aren’t an excuse. The players aren’t performing, simple as. It’s like watching paint dry in attack and like watching a comedy show in defence! Seriously, they are literally tripping over each other defending on the line. Like a Benny Hill sketch! They also need to get down to the junior training sessions at Lock Lane to learn how to pass and catch with the under 10’s. Something not right somewhere. Oh well, at least our women’s team are playing attractive rugby. I look forward to watching them more than the first team at the moment. Good job there’s no middle 8’s this year. And Powell said the other day we can still win the GF!! :CRAZY: :CRAZY:

You might want to tell Powell that because every time you lose it's the same old story from him.
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User avatartigertot wrote:
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cas all the way wrote:
Pretty much only Shenton and Gale out now. Couple forwards too but they ain't gauranteed first 17.

But that's where most of our attacking spark has come from for the last few years.
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tigertot wrote:
But that's where most of our attacking spark has come from for the last few years.

Shenton played most of this season and has done nothing so we can't say we are missing him. However we are 100% missing Gale.

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