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Lebron James wrote:
Lebron James Free-scoring winger
Free-scoring winger

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RoyBoy29 wrote:
I will tell you what was put shall I..

Bugiezilla threw the "troll" comment to Kev, Kev stated it broke the rules by name calling other users.

I did point out, and quoted Kev doing exactly the same on the same thread 2 pages earlier.

I told him of his double standards.

Now all the posts have all mysteriously disappeared without any reason.

Now, what I find funny is nothing is said to the usual baiters on here when they break "the rules", its just swept silently under the carpet.

Nothing to do with an obsession you seem to have with Leigh

Why don’t you ask your mate who’s a mod on the Wigan board why your posts were deleted. Seems strange all your posts would vanish mate


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Budgiezilla wrote:
Surely it can only be a player from Catalans. Probably the best RL side I have ever witnessed in this season's comp.

User avatarCall Me God wrote:
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Bronze RLFANS Member

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RoyBoy29 wrote:
INow all the posts have all mysteriously disappeared without any reason.

A number of posts where I quoted posts from the 3 amigos and the long lamented Joff recently vanished without trace nor warning or friendly email from the moderators....the reality is that this site is not a democracy and if they want/need the trolls to generate clicks, then the trolls will stay....except Joff, who I think may have pushed a little too hard 8)

Lebron, Sir Kev and Chorley boy have a collective 10k in posts between them.......anyone care to gamble on how many are on the Saints, Leeds and Catalans boards respectively given that these are "THEIR TEAMS", coz I'd be happy to wager no more than 7%.....but nah....they ain't trolls :lol:
£20 a ticket and £15 on beer and merchandise.....so an away fan is worth £35. At best, 1,000 is the average away support split across 11 rounds and I am being really generous here, so Toronto, replacing say Wakefield will cost a SL club £35,000.
The minimum turnover of a SL club is £4,000,000 so Toronto instead of Widnes is worth less than 1% of a SL clubs turnover.

There are many valid reasons for and against expansion into America, but "AWAY FANS" isn't one of them. :BEAT:

User avatarRoyBoy29 wrote:
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Free-scoring winger

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Lebron James wrote:
Why don’t you ask your mate who’s a mod on the Wigan board why your posts were deleted. Seems strange all your posts would vanish mate


King James


Mods delete this wind up cretin, or at the very least reign him in.
Irony is represented below.

He is not telling the truth. He is talking paranoid rubbish.

User avatarLyndsayGill wrote:
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Call Me God wrote:
Yeah....coz the viewing figures for a midnight KO on a school night will be epic 8)

Like Catalans, Toronto will play their games at a fixed time on a fixed day, probably 3pm local time on Saturdays, giving SKY an 8pm KO every second week. If they can take the feed from the mancpacs broadcast partners, then I expect Catalans to be at home one week, Toronto the next, giving SKY Thursday, Friday and Saturday every weekend.

I think you missed the 'Tongue in the Cheek'
The mind is like a parachute. If it's not open it won't work. - Frank Zappa

Harrison wrote:
Harrison Stevo's Armpit

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Sir Kevin Sinfield wrote:
Toronto has an attendance of 8,281 yesterday with hardly any away fans. If clubs are relying on getting a considerable number of away fans through the gate each week they don’t deserve to be in Super League.

Can you show me four clubs in Super League that are currently profit making or near break even? RL relies on its backers so away fans are vital.

puroresu_boy wrote:
puroresu_boy Cheeky half-back
Cheeky half-back

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away fans vital? I'm sorry but if a side cannot make enough money by attracting enough home fans through the gate then that is their problem not the away side.

It matters not one iota if Catalan or a Toronto have no away fans at games as it is not there responsibility to make sure the home side gets enough spectators in the ground.

User avatarMild Rover wrote:
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100% League Network

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With apologies to the more sensible contributors, I think the best thing is to start this over.

We all make this board what it is - provocateurs, angry responders, mods et al.
'Thus I am tormented by my curiosity and humbled by my ignorance.' from History of an Old Bramin, The New York Mirror (A Weekly Journal Devoted to Literature and the Fine Arts), February 16th 1833.

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