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Pyrah123 wrote:
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Strong-running second rower

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Stockwell & Smales wrote:
Second game already this season when Keyes has had to come off with back problems. Also didn't Hitchcock get a bad back injury at Cas last year and had to miss a fair bit of the season. I hope this is not an ongoing problem.

Keyes seems to get a fair few I’ve got a couple last year from what I remember hitchcox broke his in a willie isa horror tack I think but it wasn’t as bad as first thought so he played las few games with us and from what I gather it’s a different part of his back.

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Bustin hasn’t broken his leg after all. Some positive injury news at last.
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Bulls Boy 2011 wrote:
I hope we are not relying on O'Sullivan to play. He's absolute garbage. Albeit it's only been two games but he is terrible. Can't read a play. Barely makes meters. Shoots out when there is no need and cost us a try doing this. Waste of a signing in my opinion. Would be better promoting Scurr who looked decent!

For the Fev game I would be happy to go with Crossley, Kirk, Magrin and Green. But the longer we are without Wilson, Peltier and Bustin the more chance we have at these guys getting injured. A prop now (even a short loan) is a priority now in my opinion.

Good to get the win. Thought the play involving Flanagan, Pickersgill, Wildie and Minchella finishing was a fantastic piece of rugby. Some great defence and finishing from Evans. And all the young lads stood up really well against what looked like Dewsbury 1st team.

Pleased to see Milnes take more charge when Keyes went off (hopefully Keyes wasn't injured and Kear just wanted to see Wildie in the halves).

I have to to agree with you there. Not been impressed so far but Kear seems to like him as do some other fans. Cougars fans seem to have a very high opinion of him so maybe he's a work in progress kind of player.

For me he needs to work on his footwork. He's very flat footed so it looks like he's missed the play whereas in reality its probably due to him not being able to respond quick enough.

Bustin not breaking his leg is positive so long as it doesn't involve ligament damage. That can sometimes take longer than a brake.

With us having plenty of back up I can see us only going for a loan as otherwise we will be loaded with props come the back end of the season and won't have cap to respond to other areas of weakness as and when they become obvious.
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On O’Sullivan he’s a big lad but very raw indeed. He was caught out in defence which led directly to a Dewsbury try. He was subbed immediately after that. He’s clearly not up to standard yet and needs a lot of rough edges knocking off if he’s going to get in the side. I’d be giving the likes of Scurr and Foster a run before him.

I guess we’ll wait to hear the news on Bustin after he sees the specialist (either today or tomorrow apparently). I just hope he’s done no lasting damage.

As for the performance versus Dewsbury it was a real battle and we did well to grind out a result. The referee’s interpretation of the PTB was completely different to what we saw in the game versus Fax and so it became wrestlemania at the ruck and nobody was 10m back ever apart from the fullbacks. It meant for a frustrating spectacle that wasn’t helped by the hurricane force winds.

For us I thought that Farrell, Hodgson, Wildie and Flanagan stood out. It wasn’t a night for champagne rugby. The forwards really worked hard, especially after losing Bustin and O’Sullivan being hooked for good mid way through the game. Kirk, Wood and Green really worked hard.

Dewsbury looked an awkward team to beat.
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Sorry if I'm being blind, but does anyone have any crowd numbers for the cup games?
Given that part of the idea behind the cup was to try and improve attendance for pre-season friendlies, it would be interesting to see if it's had an impact

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roofaldo2 wrote:
Sorry if I'm being blind, but does anyone have any crowd numbers for the cup games?
Given that part of the idea behind the cup was to try and improve attendance for pre-season friendlies, it would be interesting to see if it's had an impact

The T&A has the attendance down for the Dewsbury match as 1235.
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Batley reported as 786
No idea @Fev

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