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Call Me God wrote:
This to me, seems one of the better success stories of RL in the last 20+ years. I took my daughter to the Play-off game at KR back in 2003 along with about 7,000 other folkand whilst it was nice to see the ground, it wasn't fit for purpose. Fast Forward 16 years and St Helens, through the benevolence of a few have built themselves a new stadium and are debt free with an average gate of close to 12k.
I look at the overall investment required to make this happen and I then wince at the level of Investment David Hughes has wasted at London......RL often suffers from a lack of Joined up thinking, but St Helens are to be applauded for this achievement...

....that said, can we have the 2 points this weekend? We need them more than you do :D

You have to remember that St Helens owned a ground in the first place Knowsley Road, that was in a prime development area, now Cunningham Estate? nice residential area and houses sold fast! The developer Langtree for the new ground with the council managed to get Tesco to build one of their real major stores next door, they contributed to their new ground! but it has never been finished off for me, no parking at the side of the ground, though Langtree still hold land at the side of the ground which has been empty! and just has hoardings all around since before the ground was even started?

Yes wise of their Chairman, he did not have the personal money himself, but found an investor in Hong Kong to make a loan, his company registered in the Virgin Islands, St Helens have been paying off the debt, but the nice giving of shares to clear off the debt.

Born in St Helens yes, but I was sent by the radio station I had joined as a teenager to cover the first game a Fulham RL against Wigan and I fell in love with the club and have been since, sponsored so many players over the seasons since and match balls, I want to see us beat Saints this weekend! though the way they have been playing its going to be a tough one.

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