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Acceptable Usage Policy - the most up to date version is viewtopic.php?f=1&t=438945

By registering an account you have agreed to follow this policy (the AUP), which applies to all sites on the RLFANS network, and which includes private messages and emails sent via the site as well as postings made in public areas.

This policy was last updated: Tuesday, August 14th 2007.

The Policy

1. Prohibited Content

1.1. Messages that contain a level of profanity or sexual content that exceeds the moderator's definition of acceptable are prohibited.
* In practice this means content that would not be allowed on television before the 9pm watershed is unacceptable on this site.
* This applies not only to content posted directly on the site but also to websites addresses that link directly to such material.

1.2. Messages that are in contradiction with British law, or which promote such activity, are prohibited on this site.
1.2a. Legal action
* This covers posting content that is libelous or racist, or which risks legal action being taken against the site.
* Under British libel laws the burden of proof is on the defendant so we will consider anything potentially defamatory as libelous.
1.2b. Copyrighted materials
* Linking to sites carrying content without the permission of the copyright owner, or mentioning how to access such material, is forbidden.
* This also includes posting links to, or explaining how to access, unauthorized video or audio of copyrighted broadcasts and recordings.
* When linking to official audio or video only do so to the relevant page on the official web site. Do not link to other sites or directly to a media stream as this is usually against the terms and conditions of the service.
* Photographs may only be posted where you own the copyright, or have been granted permission to do so.
* Brief excerpts from articles carried elsewhere, whether a web site or in print, or images captured from TV broadcasts may be posted for editorial purposes only. Copying full articles or posting video is prohibited.
* If responding to comments made on another web site or in print, relevant portions may be quoted as appropriate.
* When including any such material you must cite the source.

1.3. Matter which are sub judice cannot be discussed.
* Under British law when a matter becomes sub judice - from the moment a charge is filed or hearing arranged and until a resolution is reached - publishers are restricted under criminal penalty to what can be published so as not to prejudice a case.
* The definition of published content includes web sites and postings on message boards. As such any discussion of ongoing cases cannot be permitted anywhere on the RLFANS network.

1.4. Messages intended to destroy threads or to only increase post counts are prohibited
* Users who intentionally aim to prevent conversation on a thread will have their posts removed and risk losing posting rights on the board in question, or to the whole site.

1.5. Users should only post telephone numbers and other private contact details on public areas of the network when relevant.
* Although not prohibited, users should be aware that they are posting on a public web site and we cannot restrict who can view those details.
* If possible we recommend that you invite users to contact you via the Private Message system or email in the first instance so that you may chose to whom you give private contact details.

1.6. This is site is open to people of all ages and from public places, any content posted should reflect this.
* As stated above, content not acceptable on television before the 9pm watershed is unacceptable on this site.
* Messages posted should be suitable for viewing from a place of work or publicly accessible computer. Moderators have discretion to allow content where there is sufficient justification for it and suitable warnings are given.
* Posting of links or other content designed to deliberately cause a nuisance to someone viewing the site, or to disrupt the working of their computer, is prohibited.

2. Member Conduct

2.1. Comments that are wholly designed to upset or cause distress to other members are prohibited on this site.
* We will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour. Anyone who is found guilty of acting this way towards any member risks being banned from RLFANS.
* Racist, homophobic, or similarly offensive content is unacceptable.
* This includes messages sent via the Private Message system.
* Where a user wishes to keep their identity private this should be respected.

2.2. Public criticism of the moderation process is prohibited.
* Any member who has a question about the decision of a moderator should ask them via the Private Message system.
* If you are dissatisfied with their response then you should contact the Admin Team as detailed below.

2.3. Spamming boards without prior approval is prohibited.
* This means posting the same message on multiple boards.
* For advertising approval is required by the Admin Team as per rule 3 below.
* For other messages approval should be sought from a moderator of each message board on which you wish to post.

3. Advertising and Promotion

3.1. Messages intended to advertise or promote external organizations and sites without prior approval of the Admin Team are prohibited.
* Official club advertising is allowable with permission of the relevant forum moderators.
* Advertising is permitted within your signature where it does not breach this policy.
* Links to other rugby league sites may also be promoted on the League Links Central message board.
* Private sellers may also advertise rugby league related products for sale on the League Marketplace message board.

3.2. Ticket touting is prohibited.
* This means any advertising or selling of tickets above face value, whether directly posted or linked to on another site, including in signatures, for personal profit.
* They may only be sold above face value if being auctioned for charity.
* Tickets may be offered for exchange, or for sale for an amount up to face value. A reasonable charge to cover postage may be added where appropriate.

4. Signatures and Avatars

4.1. All rules above regarding unacceptable content apply to signatures and avatars.
* Images that are offensive, or which include offensive language, will be removed.
* Quoting of comments posted on public forums by other users is considered fair and will not be regarded as offensive or distressing unless exceptional circumstances apply.

4.2. The combined size of images used in signatures should not be larger than 450 pixels wide, 100 pixels tall, and 20 KiB in size (20,480 bytes).
* If multiple images are used then the limit applies to the sum of all images along each dimension.
* Signatures that exceed the allowed sizes will be automatically removed.

4.3. Using RLFANS network badges as an avatar is prohibited.
* These badges are intended so that members of the site know who to contact when they need assistance.

5. Board Specific Rules

5.1. Individual message boards may add their own rules which should be considered part of this policy.
* These will be posted in a clearly titled "Announcement" thread and where available should be read before posting on the board.
* It is left to the discretion of the moderators of each individual board what off-topic content they may allow.

Moderator Powers

On message boards which they moderate, a forum moderator may...

1. edit individual posts
2. delete individual posts
3. merge threads
4. lock threads
5. delete threads
6. move threads to other message boards
7. remove a member's posting rights on their message board

Any moderator may...

1. request a member remove or change their signature or avatar
2. issue warnings on behalf of RLFANS
3. block a member's access to their user account

The forum moderators for a particular board are listed on the top of the index page for that forum.


If you disagree with the decision of a moderator you should contact them via private message to discuss their actions. Starting new threads, or posting on existing threads, to complain is prohibited under rule 2.2. above.

If you remain unsatisfied after discussing an issue with a moderator, or wish to make a complaint against a moderator, then you should email you complaint to the Admin Team at admins@rlfans.com giving all relevant details.

Final Authority

The Acceptable Usage Policy is non-negotiable, and all decisions of the Admin Team are final.

All of us involved in RLFANS - the Admin Team, forum moderators, site editors, and other contributors - take this site seriously and are proud of how popular it has become.

This site costs several thousands of pounds per year to run and these rules have been developed over several years in order to protect both the site and its members. Nobody makes any money from RLFANS, we are all just volunteers who give up our time and energy for nothing other than to support our game.

There are two options for anyone using the site: either follow the rules, whether you like them or not, or stay away.

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