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Half Time Draw Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:10 pm  

bentleyman wrote:
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From a Batley Forum perhaps we could consider something like ? Just a thought.

Posted 19 hours ago (edited)
Get your tickets for Sundays Half Time Draw to help our club get through these dark days
So here goes-
In week 1 we are asking supporters to buy tickets at £2 each (thats £1.80 + 20p transaction fee) via our ticketing website. Once purchased it generates a ticket with a number on it . That number will then go in a draw for a prize in the first week of £100. The draw will take place at 3.45pm on next Sunday 29th March.
That would be half time at our game if we were playing which is appropriate in place of our normal half time draw. As weeks go by if it is popular we hope the prize will increase. Again we need your support to make this work. So click Link below to buy your tickets and good luck
That’s it for now but hopefully this is just the start of our survival plan.
Re: Half Time Draw Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:35 pm  

User avatarHudd-Shay wrote:
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Excellent idea, if someone at the club could set it up.
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