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Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:44 pm  

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Der Kaiser 1 wrote:
I think one thing many clubs do wrong is promote Rugby League. Rugby League fans will come anyway. Why not promote it as an event-so for example why not have a special Family day in Summer where the family is the target-Face Painting, Bouncy Castle, Get Mcdonalds,Eureka & Calderdale Leisure services involved, BBQ (London Skolars have a good BBQ on the go at games). Maybe each Youth club in Calderdale involved in a Parade before the game with each Youth team member given free entrance and a player personally visiting a Clubs training session and inviting the youngsters down.

Maybe the Cup game against Loughboro could be Student day where all Students are invited down for free and getting Calderdale College, Leeds Met, Huddersfield Uni, Bradford Uni involved in promoting themselves that day.

Maybe a game against Toulouse would be International Day where anybody who has a Foreign Passport would get in for Free-There are many Foreigners in Halifax area. Maybe many do not know what Rugby League is. Maybe parade players who have played International Rugby League in some way before the game-Simeunovich Brothers have played for Serbia, Other amateur players have played for England/Barla and maybe also look to get a local firm that deals in wine to sell wine or have a wine tasting event before the game

Another day could be disabled day. Invite the Wheelchair Rugby people and look to work with people who suffer from being handicapped in some way. Also maybe look to invite an Olympic Gold medal winner from the Paraolympic team

Just a couple of ideas. Some might work others not. The thing is Halifax like all clubs need to do more to get in to the hearts of the community and should look to target a section each home game or so and get involved with Groups or Companys who maybe have never had much contact with Rugby League.

Top Post, ideas well worth looking into by the Club.

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