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Re: Squad 2024 : Mon Nov 20, 2023 12:57 pm  
Faxlore wrote:
I think we just need another decent big centre.

And an organiser, preferably a 6.
Re: Squad 2024 : Mon Nov 20, 2023 2:57 pm  
the fax in asia wrote:
One week into pre season and there are already doom mongers giving it large. Common guys give Fax a chance.

Really only one poster that could be suggested as a doom monger but even then you can see where the concerns arise from so its certainly something that can be discussed. It didn't really come across as a sky is falling type post.
Re: Squad 2024 : Mon Nov 20, 2023 3:24 pm  
We do still have the basis of a really strong team with the retentions this year - if we'd been announcing these now rather than during last season fans would probably be feeling a bit more upbeat. Yes I think we still need a quality centre, but we have made 3 quality signings, I do however think the club could do more to keep fans interested during the off season- at the moment everything just seems very flat.
Re: Squad 2024 : Mon Nov 20, 2023 4:10 pm  
Well we will have our first hit out at odsal on christmas eve. I can't remember going to a game on christmas eve before but with it being on a sunday this year it probably makes more sense than playing it on boxing day so the players can still enjoy their christmas.
Re: Squad 2024 : Thu Nov 23, 2023 4:52 pm  
Any news on Widdop
Re: Squad 2024 : Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:09 pm  
Rather have a couple of south sea islanders....if Whitehaven can manage it...
Re: Squad 2024 : Fri Nov 24, 2023 8:56 am  
hooligan27 wrote:
Any news on Widdop

I don't think we should be chasing someone who's basically said he's had enough.
Re: Squad 2024 : Fri Nov 24, 2023 12:05 pm  
Pickersgill - gone
Re: Squad 2024 : Fri Nov 24, 2023 12:13 pm  
hooligan27 wrote:
Pickersgill - gone

We all thought there was no mileage in that signing-was always too good for a number 2...put the money in a position where its needed and we can always get Hooley on DR.... :D :D :D
Re: Squad 2024 : Fri Nov 24, 2023 12:20 pm  
Miserybusiness wrote:
always get Hooley on DR.... :D :D :D

Hooley is a cas player now

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