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Re: T. May the worst prime minister ever ? Fri May 31, 2019 11:51 am  

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bren2k wrote:
Look at his voting record; a few earnest videos and a weird offer to meet in Kew Gardens won't expunge the fact that he's just another in a long line of ba$tards - the major difference between him and the rest is that he's not grandstanding about crashing out of the EU to woo back the Farage fan club.

The one sure thing is that if Parliament still cant agree to May's deal (or something very close to it) and they remain steadfast in not agreeing to "no deal", we will be left begging for yet another extension.
Corbyn's dream of another General Election may still not solve the Brexit stalemate.

Right now, a general election could produce the mother of all hung Parliaments, with neither the Tories or Labour anywhere close to an overall majority and we could also have the worst case scenario of some Brexit Party MP's.

Half of the country is already lurching to the right and we are indeed in dangerous times.

Farage is already cosying up to Far Right groups in other EU nations, as well as having discussions with White Supremacists in The US and still, people who say "I'm nor racist" cant get enough of him and his ilk.

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