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Off-topic discussion.
Posted by El Barbudo on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:45 pm
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JerryChicken wrote:
They have had a plan to do the same in Birmingham for some years now and they have a similar plethora of now disused viaducts entering the city from all directions which nature has been left to reclaim - local residents in Deritend (for instance) have campaigned for a long time to be allowed up onto one disused viaduct in their district to reclaim it and allotment-ize it, to no avail at the moment, in the meantime nature is continuing with its job anyway and some decent sized young trees can now be seen on some of the raised railways :D

Just remembered from my 1990's days living in the East End ... The Greenway ... a walk along the top of one of Bazalgette's fantastic sewers.
It was pressed into use last year as one of the approaches to the Olympic Park.
I did wonder how many people knew that the bronze strip that crosses it is the line of the Greenwich Meridian or that the strange-looking building of fantastical gothic that you pass is actually Abbey Mills pumping station ... or even that they were walking along the top of a sewer !

There must be hundreds of locations and structures in Britain that could be greened-up oases at much lower cost than the squiliions it would take to build another bridge over the Thames.
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Posted by Chris28 on Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:46 pm
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Seems to be doing a lot of programmes about architecture recently. I caught an oldish prog about Rogers last week and this week he was talking about Zaha Hadid. One thing I did notice is that he and architects talk a lot of guff.
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