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Advertising & Contacting RLFANS Wed Dec 09, 2009 11:04 am  

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Advertising on RLFANS

According to independent Alexa traffic rankings RLFANS is the world's most popular rugby league web site [1]. Our forum servers deliver an average of four pages per second, and twice as many during peak periods, to up to 12,000 different visitors per day.

This gives us and our sponsors unparallelled access to rugby league fans, and we offer various options to allow both large and small companies to be able to reach the audience that matters to them.

Advertising with us starts from as little as £195.00 for a full year (Business Directory), and you can have a banner advert on one of our forums from £350.00 a year, and across the entire network from as little as £550.00 a year.


GENERAL ADVERTISING : To discuss your interest in advertising on RLFANS then please contact:


JOIN THE RLFANS.COM BUSINESS DIRECTORY for less than fifty-five pence per day.

If you are a company or sole trader that is also a Rugby League fan or want to advertise to the Rugby League community here at RLFANS.COM then this business directory is just for you.

Please contact:



1. According to independent Alexa site rankings (April 2013 – during season) RLFANS.COM is the biggest rugby league web site in the United Kingdom, and only second in the World to Australian site nrl.com. Alexa Internet, owned by Amazon.com, monitor the sites that people visit in order to rank them in terms of popularity. For the three-month period to April 2013, RLFANS.COM was the only rugby league site inside the top 130,000 sites in the World, and inside the top 4,000 in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom we are ranked as the 3,914th most popular web site, of any kind.

In August 2010 we undertook a survey of a 1% sample of our users which enabled us the understand the following about our readership;

• 82.5% are of our readership is Male
• 57.9% of our readers are aged over 36, with 85.4% being over 26
• Unsurprisingly, just under 67% are in Yorkshire/Lancashire and another 17.5% in Cheshire
• 73.7% have access to SKY TV and 56.9% are season ticket holders
• 73.3% visit RLFANS at least once a day with 7% claiming that they ‘live on the site’
• 18.3% admit that they have bought a product or service from our advertisers
• 86.3% spend over £100 per year online with 21.8% spending over £1000 per year

2. To read this document you will requires a PDF reader, such as the free like Acrobat Reader.


PRESS RELEASE & RUGBY LEAGUE CLUBS : Send your press releases or club update to :

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