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It appears that the name of Bramley will disappear once again from the Rugby League map after a decision by the National Conference League to reject their application for entry into a league in which they’ve competed over the past season.

The original Bramley Rugby League Club folded in 1999 after years of mismanagement but supporters soon rallied around and the club was reborn in 2004 playing as the Buffaloes in what was the fourth tier of the national summer game.

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Sad news.

I hope for the fans Bramley can sort this out, a lot of history there.

Perhaps the likes of Garry Schofield can get involved? Not sure exactly what he could do, but a big name associated with the club?

Anyway good luck, the wider RL community and the RFL should be doing all they can to help clubs like Bramley.
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Fair play to Martin and his colleagues who put a lot of hard work in over the years. What now?

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