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Club's stance on making Championship 1 in 2014

Post Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:53 am
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Bears targeted for professional ranks in 2014

In a statement released, the RFL have informed clubs that the Co-operative Championship 1 will operate with 9 teams for the 2013 season. The sport’s governing body have selected Coventry Bears to join the semi-professional league and will now be working closely with the club to help build towards the Midlands club’s entry into Rugby League’s third tier for the 2014 season making the clubs up to 10 in that year.

The RFL had targeted the Bears for entry in 2013 after impressing with performances both on and off the pitch, but the Coventry side will instead take advantage of an extra season to fully prepare for their debut in the higher ranks.

Club Director Alan Robinson said ‘As a club we have always had very high standards in how we operate and what we create for the future of Rugby League in the area. The potential of a 2013 entry into Championship 1 would leave little time for us to ensure we could meet those standards, and with our focus on sustainability we need to make sure we can be a long-term prospect for professional Rugby League in this development area’.

Since the club’s inception fourteen years ago, the Bears have created superb Rugby League foundations in Coventry, with participation thriving in schools, universities, and also in the numerous Bears squads and junior set up. The club have worked hard to develop strong relationships with organisations such as the Coventry Sports Foundation, Coventry University and Coventry RFC all of which will be involved in taking the club forward. The club hope to create more playing partnerships with other Midlands Rugby League clubs as well as already successful clubs like Sheffield Eagles who the Bears have been working with recently. The aim is to create a hub for Rugby League in the Midlands where everyone can work together for common goals within the sport.

First team coach Tom Tsang is excited at the prospect of Championship one status ‘Both myself and fellow coach Mark Sloan feel passionately about building the right culture and environment within a squad. That structure is crucial to the success of the team, and we can now look forward to building on it further next year to ensure we are tough opposition for any team in Championship 1.’

The Bears also have a strong presence in the city and wider Midlands area. The recruitment of a Media Manager this season has helped to grow their fan base and has substantially raised the club’s profile to sponsors and key partners. In addition, the Butts Park Arena ground is a great place to create a fantastic match day experience. On the commercial front, the Bears are in perfect position to develop into a profitable and exciting business, not only in the Rugby League arena.

Alan Robinson added ‘The extra year’s preparation time is a good advantage for us as a club. Not only will we be able to ensure that every area of the club is ready for Championship 1, but we will be able to monitor Hemel, Gloucestershire and Oxford and how they perform during the season.’

‘This means that by the time we enter the league, we should be a very competitive club at that level and be able to hit the ground running. The Bears certainly aim to make an impact in 2014 and the coming year will give us the perfect chance to add to what is already a fantastic club.’

‘The city of Coventry deserves professional Rugby League, and we’d like everyone to get behind us and join our journey towards Championship 1. Our motto this season has been Support, Sponsor, Play and that will have even more importance next season.’

For more information on the club and to follow its progress into Championship 1, go to http://coventrybears.co.uk/ anyone wishing to get involved with the club on its new journey can apply through our Support, Sponsor and Play homepage tabs.

The full RFL press release can be read at:

http://www.therfl.co.uk/news/article/26 ... ature-nine

Article featured on BBC Sport:


Re: Club's stance on making Championship 1 in 2014

Post Tue Sep 25, 2012 5:30 pm
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I'm glad the RFL didn't try to railroad the Bears into CC1 before they were ready. The extra year will make all the difference. I'd have preferred it if Oxford had been given the extra year too.

Re: Club's stance on making Championship 1 in 2014

Post Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:18 pm
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So why are'nt they featuring in Ch1 2014?
Long live the Fulham-London Crusaders-Broncos Harley-Quids Broncos (again) RLFC!

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