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Silver RLFANS Member

Joined: Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:24 pm
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Great news. I've stated previously how much I acknowledge & appreciate the work our B.O.D. put into the club, onwards & upwards, junior & reserve teams in place, squad players picking up contract extensions/new deals, we need to win silverware now.
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Silver RLFANS Member

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A big well done to the Board, staff and players as this is great news as it shows the club is being run well and that there is a certain amount of loyalty from the players to play for us.

How daft that the RFL don't see THIS as the model to follow and not sugar daddies that come and go and leave a club in the mire when they decide to pack in their support.
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Bubba wrote:
Well done to Mr Steele and everyone else involved. To make a profit whilst remaining the team to beat in the league is a great achievement.

could not have put it better.
been around here long time, thought would start posting...........
Bubba Silver RLFANS Member
Silver RLFANS Member

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wereutherein1987? wrote:
just awaiting the punchline.....



:lol: No punchline from me. It was a genuine message.
Loving the hypocrisy of some.
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Free-scoring winger

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Well done to everybody.
Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:24 am
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Bradford Bulls will enter into Administration on Monday night.

Rugby League is upside down.
Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:44 am
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Bronze RLFANS Member

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littlerich wrote:
Bradford Bulls will enter into Administration on Monday night.

Rugby League is upside down.

I am glad Halifax's financial plan was speculative rather than being "solid". As they say, speculate to accumlicate!
Post Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:53 pm
Skipdog Eddie Hemmings's Wig
Eddie Hemmings's Wig

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Well done to everyone involved with Fax.Shame this news wasn't available on thurs when some numbskull in a Deewwsbury shirt was making comments about collecting buckets.Perhaps he had a premonition about the finances of Dewsbury or he was a bulls fan who decided to watch a proper game of rl
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Strong-running second rower

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I would like to add my congratulations to Michael, Mike, Ian and all the others involved with the club. Whilst the profit number is modest the ability to keep the club solvent in these difficult times is an achievement in itself, but to do so whilst building a competitive team, improving the match day experience and developing junior teams without recourse to someone with an open cheque book is one of the biggest achievement in the clubs history.

This balanced approach is the only way that a club like ours can be run in the 21st century, long may it continue.
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Cheeky half-back

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Greg Florimos Boots wrote:
There is a downside to this unfortunately which is with the club turning a profit it does mean we will never meet criteria for SL.

Brilliant! :thumb:
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