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Posted by Superted on Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:39 pm
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Gotcha wrote:
Superted wrote:
If he's so utterly garbage, why does McD pick him? Does he not want to win games?

If there are better options available to do the job McD asks Walters to do, why do you think he doesn't pick them? It's ludicrous.

Because McDermott is stubborn and arrogant enough to go with what he wants. As I said yesterday why do you believe he is so wrong in picking Mullalley but yet he knows what he is doing in picking Walters?

McDermott has it wrong, Walters is garbage, and there is much better options.

I don't say he's wrong for picking Mullally, he's not got much option! he's not picking Mullally over a better player. My point is that we should have a much better squad, that can include Mullally, but much further down the pecking order.
Walters is not garbage, he does a job as one of the very lowest in the pecking order of our squad. I don't really know what you expect from someone on the money and squad placing he's on. He's making absolutely the most of his more limited skill set- it's a shame may more naturally gifted players don't have the same levels of desire and work ethic.
Whether it's arrogance or stubbornness, McD 'wants'to pick Walters for a reason - that reason can only be that he thinks he can do a better job (in a specific role) than the remaining fit players in the squad could do (which is usually only 1 or 2 fit players left by the time Walters gets a gig).
Posted by Exeter Rhino on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:50 pm
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I like Mullally. He seems to have the right attitude, and knows where the try line is. I'd rather he was pinged for doing something aggressive like lifting his knees (it didn't do the likes of Stuart Fielden any harm), so long as he sorts his technique out in the longer run.

Not sure what the prop forwards' union make of him being a vegan, not to mention the flowing locks / top-knot... Nice publicity story for the club alongside Ward's efforts on mental health issues though.
Posted by BrisbaneRhino on Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:05 am
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The argument about Walters, at least for me, isn't about him being picked now so much as why on earth you'd give him a new contract. He's been around for years and is still no higher than 24/25 in the squad and no signs of ever going better. That role - playing 5-10 games a year when injuries hit - ought to be earmarked for younger players who at least could improve, rather than someone who adds little and never will.

His try in the 2015 GF was great. It in no way means he merits a long career at Leeds.

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