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Up 'n Under (brilliant show about rugby)
Post Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:02 pm
Posted by Tinyhouse on Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:02 pm
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Dear Rugby Lovers

Sorry to hijack the forum but all of us at Tiny House Productions just wanted to tell you about the fantastic night of theatre we’re putting on in Leeds.

For just three nights (Wednesday 5th September to Friday 7th September) we will be staging the brilliant Up ‘n Under by local legend John Godber.

Up ‘n Under is a true underdog story, a perfect mix of Rocky and Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. A love letter to rugby, northern humour and Yorkshire, Up ‘n Under is packed with laugh out loud gags, touching moments and an exciting match of “the gentlemen’s game” played out in front of your very eyes in a way that only Tiny House Productions can.

We are extremely confident you will love this show as it’s perfect for anyone who likes Rugby and northern humour. Lots of local teams and areas are mentioned in the script, and the final game takes place at Castleford. Also, this isn’t artsy fartsy theatre but theatre perfectly pitched for non theatre goers. If going to see a play at the theatre isn’t your idea of a good night out, then this will change your mind.

Up 'n Under is on at The Carriageworks in Leeds. Tickets can be bought through the Carriageworks website or on 0113 224 3801. Tickets are £11 (£9 concs), however if you arrange tickets through us at Tiny House at tinyhouse@live.co.uk, we’ll offer you a discount. We are proud of our local rugby teams and fans and want to honour you by offering this night of entertainment at a highly discounted rate.

If you order through Tiny House Productions, we’ll only charge you £8 a ticket or if you book for a group of ten, we’ll let you come along for a flat charge of £70 (that’s a saving of £40). Please remember that this discount is only available if you order through us, by emailing us at tinyhouse@live.co.uk.

We hope you will be interested, we’re very passionate about wanting to perform this to as many teams and fans as possible. We’ve already had many orders from local rugby teams who have jumped on this as a perfect night out for their team, family and friends. We’d love for you to join them, have a laugh, celebrate the wonder of rugby and have so many people passionate about the game under one roof.

Thank you for listening.

Neil Knipe
Co-Director of Tiny House Productions

P.S If you’d like to learn more about us, our website is www.tinyhouseproductions.co.uk and you can follow us on Twitter at @tinyhouseNEIL.

P.P.S Wether you are intersted in our show or not, we would be eternally grateful if you forwarded this message onto anyone you think might be interested. Thank you.

P.P.P.S Finally, here's a little video we have on YouTube featuring myself and my 7 week old daughter. I include this in the hope it'll make you smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sz-vJv85sI

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