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Post Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:23 pm
Posted by 100% Warrior on Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:23 pm
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The whole debate about Shaun Wane falls down to two things for me;

- Has our play improved?
- Is our squad good enough?

The answer to both questions is a resounding no IMHO.

Yes we’re only 4 games in but I haven’t enjoyed watching a single Wigan game this season. The showing v Hull & Souths in Australia were poor, trumped only by the Warrington display. The Salford/Widnes games were okay but certainly nothing to shout home about.

The HB partnership between Powell and Williams just doesn’t work. Powell is not good enough to be a Super League #7. He is however good enough to be a hooker. Williams needs an organizing HB partner, without that his game falls to pieces and he resorts to the hop/skip/dummy which worked well in his debut season but is easily predicted these days.

Sam Tomkins is not a Super League FB either. His game has also taken a huge decline in the recent seasons and his attitude has taken a nose dive along with it. He is constantly bitching and whinging to the referee acting much more like a petulant child than a rugby league role model. He’s a talented player but he needs to concentrate on his game rather that acting up. If he did that he would be a much better asset to Wigan and England. I’ve taken a serious disliking to him.

That being said, he is and should be at HB with Williams using his vocal skills to the profit of the team by organizing and ordering them around the field.

Our style is poor and hasn’t changed one iota from last season, the only change I can see is this awful “switcheroo” involving Escare/S Tomkins/Powell & Leuluai. It isn’t exciting, speedy or unpredictable. It’s the opposite and SW is stubborn enough to not change it. His blinkers are well and truly on, he can’t be told and he won’t be told.

Our squad is by no means a bad squad but I feel there is a lot of deadwood floating about it and we could do with releasing said deadwood and bringing quality replacements in. Players such as Tautai, Isa, Sutton, Navarette, Leuluai, J Tomkins - they are no longer good enough for a side looking to win all. Sarginson didn’t make that list given he has only just re-signed but he needs to show a vast improvement on what he has shown so far because it’s been poor.

It’s been mentioned elsewhere about the size of the squad (physically) and they are small compared to past seasons. It shows in our go forward and our lack of gaining ground through our forwards. Clubb is poor in attack but defensively sound. Flower is just ok at both. It is rather surprising our lack of size given SW’s eagerness to give us size after Madge and his former playing position. It sounds like a never ending request - we need new props.

This season is huge for SW and for Wigan. Does every coach have a shelf life? I’m not sure, it takes a special and adaptable coach to last a long time ala Fergie or in rugby league terms Brian McDermott. I just don’t see that SW is adaptable, he’s certainly special because of his achievements with the club throughout his entire team coaching the juniors up to the first team. I don’t think you could quantify his achievements and the benefit the club has had from his efforts but his time is coming to an end at Wigan. He’ll go down as a club legend- quite rightly too but he is no longer the man for the job.
RIP Leon Walker

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