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Posted by RoyBoy29 on Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:54 pm
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Logo's can be changed, maybe in the future a rebrand may happen.

With that in mind, a rebrand might not be in everyone's taste, just like the Centurion logo.
Posted by atomic on Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:14 pm
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It would be a case of phasing it out.As it's still prominently positioned there's little chance of rebranding on the agenda.

It is what it is,let's crack on and support it.
Re: 2018 home shirt - whats your thoughts
Post Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:00 am
Posted by Bent&Bongser on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:00 am
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Harold Rigby Jnr wrote:
If you look at the logo what does it tell you about Leigh 'Centurions'?

It appears to show a Centurion with a look that suggests he is turning away from the Centurions name in disgust.

It should never have been commissioned. It would never have been given more than 1 second thought if I was running the show.

The logo is a first class example of a re branding disaster. I can not believe it got past the drawing board and that it is even still in use.

All in my humble opinion of course.

Tha's a feisty owd sod, 'arold. However, Bongser is behind you all the way - it was he that suggested to his own employers that we reverse the pictures of the founding fathers (on our marketing) to look at each other rather than look in opposite directions as if post tiff.

Of all the '90s RL rebrands the only one to REALLY take off was the Bradford Bulls. There, it wasn't the marketing department that let (and sent) the club down.

Bongser would suggest a poll (count as Fed?) for a new branding, but he's heard of this modern horrendity called Facebook and recalls a press comment deriding Tony Benn in the early '80s that suggested that he hated the fact that democracy had to be democratic. The irony is that you are trying to reach out to folk who are not presently aboard and there's no way to reach out to them for their opinions simply because THEY ARE NOT ALREADY ABOARD. They don't presently care. So people send for the marketing strategists that come up with a rebranding and then "test" it with willy-nilly questionnaires such as:

How does this image make you feel, is it:

a) Gonna run right home ("Run, Charlie, run!") and 'ave a :wink:
b) Haven't felt this excited since Mum died and I inherited everything
c) Great Britain is finally again great
d) I'm sorry, I'm salivating, I'm trying not to. Do you have a tissue (see option A)
e) Don't give a monkeys but can Ah still 'ave mi ten quid?

Bongser refers his flock to the Dave Gorman programme featuring a survey on surveys.

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