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Re: Match-day 17's salary cap percentage

Post Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:02 am
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Strong-running second rower

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Marty Grrrrrrrrrr! wrote:

Wigan recently had 10 players out, of which some like Tomkins Farrell O'Loughlin Burgess must be big earners, yet still fielded a team with plenty of internationals in it which made me wonder how they could possibly fit them under the cap.

I would like to know what percentage of the cap is being spent first. This would help stop the same rubbish trotted out time and time again. Yes Wigan have a lot of depth but many of our competitors are not spending up to the cap so do not cry foul. Try making an offer and see if those players will move. Secondly when you are playing four or five first year professionals they will not be on a great wage. Young Marshall was shown the door last year and went to train as an accountant before being brought back as wing cover. Even some well known names are not on huge money at most clubs. Thirdly not all internationals are equal. Yes Wigan have England internationals but they also have internationals from The Cook Islands, Scotland, Wales and so on. International status does not guarantee a high wage. For Wigan the problem comes next year when some players expect wage increases. There are already rumours about the need to move players on.

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