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If you have any questions or need help with using our site please read these pages.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: Friday, May 18th, 2007.

About RLFANS...

How do I post a picture on the site?
Jemmo of www.comeonlineyoudons.co.uk (The online fanzine of the Doncaster Lakers) has put together this short film to show you:

I have been banned! Why have I been banned? What happened to free speech?
Please email admins@rlfans.com and we will explain the reason. If you create a new account and starting posting threads to complain you will find yourself being banned permanently, this is expressly forbidden in the AUP. This site costs a lot of money to run so your speech is not free but actually rather expensive, and as guests on our site we only ask that you follow a few rules. If you deliberately choose to ignore these then you will no longer be welcome.

Can I change my username?
Sure. Please go to Support and raise a ticket requesting a change. Please ensure that you raise the ticket from the registered e-mail address of the user for whom you are requesting a change. We reserve the right to decline name change requests.

My old username was banned, can I have it back? Please?

Why is the site so slow? Why do I keep getting database errors?
RLFANS is big, really big, and getting bigger all the time. At certain periods there are so many people using the site at the same time that the server struggles to keep up. To fix this we have added another server and since then this problem has pretty much gone away. If you know of any advertisers willing to advertise on RLFANS we can expand the server farm further.

I used to be able to subscribe to threads and be emailed when there were new replies, why can I not do this any more?
RLFANS is big, really big, and getting bigger all the time... Sometimes we need to disable non-essential features which have a significant negative impact - such as searching, read counts, and email notifications for threads - in order to keep things running. We think it is better to be able to actually see a thread than it is to know that someone has replied but be unable to view it.

I received an email telling me I had a private messages, but when I logged in there was nothing there. What happened?
The email notification is sent immediately after someone sends a private message. Messages can be deleted at any time until being read by the recipient though, so whoever sent you a message has changed their mind.

Why does my signature say I need to read the AUP?
Read the AUP. The section about signatures will be most helpful.

Why does my avatar say I need to read the AUP?
Read the AUP. It was probably offensive.

I asked for my name to be changed ages ago, why has it not been done?
Unless a name change is urgent for valid reasons, such as a user being harassed, these are provided as a courtesy and so will take place whenever an administrator has the free time and inclination. Please be patient, they will take place eventually.

About Rugby League...

When is the Super League Show on?
Select the RL Television option from the main menu drop down list. This will bring up a page maintained by www.cherryandwhite.co.uk (The independent site of the Wigan Warriors) which is constantly updated to list all RL programmes on TV, including when the Super League Show will air this week.

What is the music they play before test matches as GB comes out?
You are probably thinking of Bolero from the final credits of the film Moulin Rouge. It was composed by Steve Sharples, performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, London Orchestra, and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, with Simon Standage, and is available on the Moulin Rouge 2 soundtrack. It should not be confused with the composition Boléro by Maurice Ravel which was famously used by Torvill and Dean for a Winter Olympic gold medal winning ice dance.

Can you tell me the name of the music Sky Sports use as the theme tune for Super League?
That would be Start Something by Lostprophets and is on their 2004 CD of the same name.

And what about the music Sky used to play when a try was scored? Do you know what that is?
Yes. It is Carpe Diem by Edrenalin from their 1994 CD of the same name.

There are too many overseas players, why do we not just limit how many may play in a match? That would not be illegal as we would not be denying anyone the right to be signed by a club.
Actually it is illegal. The Kolpak ruling explicitly declared that this would be in contravention of the law. Here is their ruling:

European Commission Bulletin wrote:
Decisions by the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance (48/52)
1.8.53. Case C-438/00 Deutscher Handballbund v Maros Kolpak, judgment of 8 May.

...according to the principles set out in Bosman 1995, a rule which limits the number of professional players who may participate in certain matches constitutes discrimination prohibited by the above agreement and cannot be justified on sports-related grounds, except in matches between national teams.


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